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These Highlights Are But A Small Fraction Of What We Miss

At Hudson Valley Sports Report, we have been blessed for the last seven years.

We started out with a simple mission statement – to give our area high school and college athletes more recognition and publicity than they were getting from traditional media, which had started to scale back on local coverage.

As it turns out, as far as we’re concerned we have received far more than we have given.

We were first-hand witnesses to delightfully unexpected championships and incredible performances, to surprising losses and heartbreaking endings. To athletes too tongue-tied to speak, to players who crack us up during interviews. To sharing the triumphs of the coaches we respect, to watch them comfort their players when victory eluded them. To smile with them at their achievements and, yes, to shed a tear with them when they fell short.

We love high school sports.

And damn if it didn’t love us back by treating us to a front row seat to some of the greatest experiences in the Hudson Valley.

These are just a fraction of some of those experiences, compiled by our Marist College intern Kieran O’Sullivan, from the last seven years. (And one recognizable highlight from beyond that.)

Here’s hoping for an eighth season from HVSR covering our great student-athletes.

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