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Subscription Box For Players Includes Nutrition And Information

By Rich Thomaselli
HVSR Staff

(Editor’s Note: Goal Standard Athletes is a partner of Hudson Valley Sports Report).

It’s only been seven seasons since Alyssa Hasbrouck, then a senior in high school, helped Pine Bush softball to its first-ever Section 9 softball championship.

She’s still helping.

Only this time, it’s not just Pine Bush and it’s not just softball.

Hasbrouck is the owner Goal Standard Athletes, a sports subscription company based in the Hudson Valley that supplements high school and college athletes with everything from nutrition bars to educational material, tailored to the specific needs of the athletes.

Alyssa Hasbrouck

“My motivation has always been to help athletes; I was once in their shoes. Lessons learned in athletics translate to real world, which is how I’ve been successful in life and I think it’s so important for youth to recognize how they can leverage sports to their advantage along with having fun,” Hasbrouck said. “Goal Standard Athletes is my way of using my own experiences and knowledge on a bigger platform.”

Hasbrouck was actually at a bit of a crossroads in finding her future after graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and playing Division I softball. She had a 90-minute commute to her previous job and listened to numerous podcasts on what she could do with her passions.

She found some of the answers not far away.

Like, uh, in the same house.

She had already begun dabbling in coaching, working with her father to coach her younger sister, when it clicked.

This is it.

Instead of coaching a team, now she’s coaching an entire generation of athletes.

“I realized that the athletes I was coaching in various sports were lacking pieces of their games. Most of their training was sport-specific, with minimal knowledge of nutrition, sports performance, mental toughness, and more,” Hasbrouck said. “It’s at a point in their athletic careers that they are trying to get recruited to play in college. I figured out a way to scale the knowledge I had been feeding my team into a viable product that could grow my reach beyond just 20 athletes. That’s how the Goal Standard Athletes subscription box was born.”

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