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Marist Women’s Basketball Standout Kendall Krick Writes For HVSR

EDITOR’S NOTE: Throughout the second half of the college basketball, Marist College women’s standout Kendall Krick wrote a first-person diary for Hudson Valley Sports. You can see the previous entries hereThe season ended with a trip to the NCAA Tournament, albeit a loss in the first round to nationally ranked Louisville. But what a season it was and Kendall, a junior who will be back next year, recaps it for us here.

By Kendall Krick
Marist Women’s Basketball

It’s been a while since my last entry and these past couple of weeks since the NCAA tournament I have had much-needed time to catch up on school work, enjoy time at home in Arizona, and reflect on the 2020-2021 Marist Women’s Basketball season.

The first thought that immediately pops into my head when I think about this past season is how proud I am. I am proud of my teammates, coaches, and everyone who made our season possible – especially when it looked like we had a slim chance of playing.

This team was really something special. Everybody knows that, across the board, this year was not easy for any college team trying to have a season. My teammates, coaches, and I spent a lot of time together during one of the craziest seasons college basketball has ever seen.

In order to make it happen, we all made difficult sacrifices this year in order to continue playing. Some of these sacrifices included: My teammates and I packed up and moved into about five different on-campus living arrangements over the course of the season in order to limit our contact with other people. We did not see family and friends and the only exception was during Christmas when we all had to quarantine for 14 days. This allowed the people who lived close to quarantine at home but those of us who would have to fly home stayed at Marist, so that left Arizona out of the picture.

We were not able to go to in person classes during our second semester when the season was still going, and throughout the entire season we had to give up small freedoms like being able to do our own grocery shopping (Shoutout to our Director of Basketball Operations, Elyse, for taking care of us and being a great grocery shopper), going out to eat together, and for some of us who practice a religion – myself included – going to church services was not an option.

This is why I say that all I have is pride for my team. We were able to accomplish all that we did this season, including bringing the MAAC Championship trophy back to Marist, while also pushing through difficult circumstances.

What is most impressive to me is how we were able to continually support each other, work hard toward our goal of a championship, and stick together despite how hard of a year it was. I can honestly say that I have never spent such a long period of time in which I only saw the same people each day for five months straight.

With the amount of time we spent together this year, I feel incredibly blessed to say that I genuinely love my teammates and enjoy time spent with them. Without seeing family for such a long time this year, my team became my second family. We really took care of each other. Literally. Julianna Bonilla ordered hair scissors and was a great hair dresser, I had microwavable hair removal wax and waxed eyebrows, Erin Fox ordered book after book and basically started her own library, Sarah Barcello was a great cook and would make delicious appetizers and desserts, Anabel Ellison always had a movie/show recommendation, Sam Bailey was always down for a coffee run, Trinasia Kennedy always supplied good music, Zaria Demember-Shazer and Caitlin Weimar were always hilarious-especially together, Emma Wax always had jokes, and Allie Best and Willow Duffell were absolutely amazing captains and leaders.

I am grateful that I had people who helped me through it. This year has really showed me how important it is to reach out and rely on those around you when you need it. This was a difficult but rewarding year and I feel blessed to have played this season with my teammates and coaches.

Thank you for reading!

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