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Bombers Bomb Defending Champion Tri-Valley

GRAHAMSVILLE – As soon as the 2019 high school football schedule came out last spring, the Pine Plains players were looking at one date in particular.


“It was only natural after what happened last year,” Pine Plains coach Rob Scott said, referring to his team’s loss to the Bears in the Section 9, 8-Man League championship. “I didn’t want to make this game a big deal.”

Too late.

The Bombers put on a dominant defensive display Saturday and hammered Tri-Valley, 38-8.

And although Scott emphasized to his team that it was only the second step in a nine-step journey to a title, he had to admit that, in the end, it was indeed kind of a big deal.

“It’s a very good win against the best team in the league with the best player in the league on that team,” he said.

He meant T-V quarterback Keegan Streimer, who was stymied all day by a Pine Plains defense that looked as if they knew what was coming on almost every play.

In fact, they kind of did.

“We probably ran 70 to 100 Tri-Valley plays against our defense during the week,” Scott said. “We were ready for anything they were going to do.”

Ends Andrew Speedling and Dalton Burns led the defensive effort with nine and six tackles, respectively. Linebacker Sebastian Burmeister had seven tackles and a forced fumble.  Zack Zeko was the big hitter from the secondary with eight tackles, Devon Hurst had five tackles, a sack and a blocked punt, and defensive back Luke Imperato was a coverage demon who also had three tackles and a fumble recovery.

Imperato also scored on a 55-yard reverse and a 53-yard punt return. Kyle Stracher ran for 111 yards and three scores, while Calab McCaul ran back the opening kickoff 46 yards for a score.

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